Margaret Who? (horatia1984) wrote in 4change,
Margaret Who?

No Big Surprise

All right, how sad is it that Scooter Libby getting pardoned doesn't even rate a "WTF?!" anymore??  What I want to know is why the lint-for-brains "reporters" working for AOL/TimeWarner are even asking people if they "agree" with Czar George II's decision.  As if it were remotely possible for the pardon to be legitimate.

Once again, as disgusting as our government can be, the American "press" has managed to disgust me more.
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The biggest source of concern for me is the fact that the american people are asleep while all of this happens. It seems that absolutely NOTHING raises their anger (unless somebody they care about on American Idol gets voted off). And that, at the core, is the REAL reason why all these bastards can get away with what they are doing.