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What's up eveybody? Chad here, new to LJ and this community. I love a good friendly debate, and can talk for hours about philosophical ideas. Feel free to check out my page if you want. Here's a snippet from an entry...

"Ever hear the phrase 'don't believe everything you read?' It applies equally as well to what you watch. But people accept modern media as their main source of information, and they believe that if it's written or broadcasted, it must be absolute truth. But they don't realize that it's all biased and grossly opinionated. Facts are used sparingly to support one's arguement, and often they manipulate those facts to present their case more convincingly. And if you don't agree with one side or the other, then you are dismissed as anti-American or unpatriotic, or just plain apathetic. I personally choose niether side, left or right, but instead see them both as equally wrong. And because of that, I have been accused of all those things. Actually, I love my country, I just hate the way it's being ran in such a corrupt manner."

I'm always interested in feedback... let's get a conversation started. I noticed with some of these communities that people rarely use them. Let's use 'em for what they're here for...
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very intruiging, do you mind if i add you?
sure, go ahead
hello. i'm jacquelyn. i completely agree with you. but what's interesting, is the history behind words actually distorts what we now know as our language. Old English (not like Medieval times, but way way way way back when Beawoulf (sp?) was written} was the first premise of recorded language that we no of and 98% of it has changed, along with their meanings. So old transcripts that have been translated to present day, well any translation for that matter, can you really say that what we are reading is that actual translation ver batum? it's interesting to think about, and brings a whole new outlook to anything we read, even if its presented by the media or not. i mean EVERYTHING. even as i'm typing now, what i'm meaning to say, could be taken into account as jibberish by someone 100 years ago. just some food for thought.