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Political Vanilla - An Argument for Lifestyle Defense

叙情詩 (A Lyrical Poem)

We women are sentimental creatures, and yes we care more about relationships than the wellfare of the world sometimes, but I definately think politically we'd be far more interesting than men. Who else is tired of the whole shoot-shoot-bang-bang routine? Raise your hands please. Then again, recent years have taught me that women can be spiteful bitches just the same and create about as much violence as the next guy and some men are surprisingly more responsible. So omitting my blatantly feminist-sounding argument for a more neutral approach let's just say i'm tired of the whole BAM!WHAM!KAPOW! routine altogether.

I don't think the way to achieve peace is confrontation, this will only incite the other party to fight back and thus create chaos. If you want to promote a point of view or a lifestyle, you can't do it by reprimanding and judging those who are different, you simply live your life according to your own rules and hope that sets a good example for those you wish to teach.

But if someone doesn't do things your way, getting all up in their face telling them it's wrong is definately not the way to go.

What if you landed on a different planet, where things that are considered outrageous and/or illegal here were the norm. And things you thought were "normal" were considered amoral? Then what would you do? Would you start by telling the ENTIRE POPULATION that they are WRONG? Shit no, they'd skewer you!
Like anybody who's ever been the target of prejudice you'd start by merely protecting your right to do things your way, to live life as you see fit. In other words, your freedom.

The same thing happens with minorities all around the world and those whom you confront concerning their lifestyle. It's not the same to overthrow a government where the people were forced to live a life they didn't choose, than to kill off the president of a country who is proud of having elected him/her as their representative (and no I'm not making obscure references to Hussein or Chavez).

It is also ridiculous to assume that just because you rise to defend a different point of view it means that you, as a neutral party, favor that point of view. For example, if you're fighting me about whether or not I believe nudes should be called art and allowed in a museum because you think it's pornography and therefore offensive to you and I disagree with you, it doesn't mean I am proud of works of art that depict women in humilliating manners, but who am I to say that the subject is a disgrace to humanity? Just because I find it offending doesn't mean I have the right to persecute the artist about it. What if the fact that I wear red is offensive to the artist and he/she chases me for the same reason, thinking I've insulted them.

What? We'd chase each other eternally until someone bends their will to the other? That's bullshit!

Goodness gracious, you can't fix people because there is no such thing as broken people. There is different... and that's good. Not everybody likes chocolate! Some people like vanilla!

Oh... what's that on the top? Yes, Jyojyoushi in Hiragana (Japanese). It means "A Lyrical Poem" and technically it's my current favorite song. It has nothing to do with politics, yet it inspires me so much that I wrote this. Funny huh? Being sentimental, makes me turn political.
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